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Caramel sugar free mix

Caramel sugar free mix

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With a slightly sweet touch but without the classic taste of sugar free, try them and you won't regret it. (Does not contain artificial sweeteners)

flavors and colors
Apple-Melon red with orange, Mango-Peach green with orange, Raspberry-Blueberry magenta with purple, Banana-Lychee yellow with coffee, Soursop green with white, Pomegranate Wine, Guava pastel pink with yellow.

With a touch of sweetness, but without the classic flavor of sugar free, try it you won't regret it. (it does not contain any additional sweeteners)

Flavors and colors
Apple-Melon Red with orange, Mango-Peach green with orange, Raspberry-Cranberry magenta with violet, Banana-Lychee yellow with brown, soursop green with white, pommegranate burgundy, Guava pastel pink.


350g = 12.5oz

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Caramel sugar free mix


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